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As this website and all associated research and discoveries are and have always been the sole property of myself, Max Freedom, I am doing a biography of myself in this section.

As a “clear” ranking Scientologist and possessor of the new-clear codes, a passport-carrying Knight of Malta, the highest ranking General in the US army and the reason your fat girlfriend has options, Max is more than qualified to operate independently. The only Christian in Australia, Max works tirelessly to expand Christianity every day. Although kept down in every way by Australia, including having his medication delayed indefinitely, deepfakes and fake recordings sent to most people he knows, and being relentlessly cockblocked, he has risen above through the glory of the Lord Christ to serve as a sign and symbol that Christ still enforces his will on earth.

A dual US & Australian citizen, he spends most of his time fitting tyres and getting blocked on Facebook messenger after sending too many thirsty messages. You can catch him sleeping on benches across from KFC, applying for council jobs and getting no reply, and lavishing his love upon his immaculate cat. He is trying to earn funds to move back to the United States, although this is hard because he has severe unmedicated ADD and thus cannot save.

If you live in Alice Springs and received a phone call from someone claiming to be Max, talking stuff, rest assured it was fake. Yes I know it sounds like me, yes I know they knew this and that, but it was not me. I do not need your help having secret gay sex, I am not a homophobe and if I was gay I would fuck a dude right in front of you, and I certainly wouldn’t need any help getting laid if I was gay, I’d be getting topped off right now as I type this, men are hoes. Whatever the person said, it was not me.

Still, Max’s story hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. Being monitored, he has to masturbate in a tent in his own apartment. The frustration from this has recently led him to rejoin the Catholic Church, as he has sublimated to nobodies advantage.

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