Church Spotlight: Desert Life Church, Alice Springs

Address: 32 Undoolya Rd, East Side NT 0870, Australia

Phone: +61 8 8952 6196

Desert Life Church is perhaps the most “modern” Church in Alice Springs – there’s two big screens on either side of the large stage, good lighting, big signs out the front, and for some odd reason, a target range out the back. It’s a Pentecostal church, but unlike many others, there is no speaking of tongues or any activity that would be a surprise to your average Christian. They serve prepackaged communion, and the communion is taken quite casually.

There is a decent mix of male and female in those who lead the service, and the female hosts are pretty hot. It’s a very singing-heavy church, which is great but if you’re like me you’ll feel a little awkward swaying back and forth and mouthing the lyrics. It’s a high energy Church with a relatively young laity. They only do service on Sundays, and my first reaction to that is to think it’s super lazy, as God is in the building 8 days a week, but when you see the big production they put on you can kind of understand why they don’t do it every day, it’s more of a performance and entertainment and their style of service wouldn’t fit an everyday service. They have no Bible Study group.

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